Welcome to Just Movies!

Of course, this site is in development. (Sort of obvious).

Soon, I will be posting my 101 favorite movies.  Movies are very personal; so, I don’t expect my list of favorites to match your list of favorites.  Some of these are everybody’s favorites, some are obscure independent films, and, some are just as obscure foreign films.

I look forward to your comments about the movies that I post.  I also hope that you will share your favorite movies, and, tell us all why you love the films you love.

I also want to include a section on the Just Movies website that  consists of some of my favorite lines from different movies.  Some of the lines will be from movies that didn’t make my list of the 100 best movies plus one.

For instance, “Pulp Fiction” is not one of my 101 favorite movies.  But, who can forget the line, “Look at the big brain on Brad”?  Classic.

And I will want to spend some time on my favorite actors and actresses.  Since I’m a guy, I seem to always have a favorite actress; and, I’ve had several over the years.  I wonder if my tastes have changed; or, do I just recycle the same characteristics, and, assign them to a new face?  We’ll see…

Finally, here on Just Movies, I want to explore my favorite screenwriters, and, favorite directors.  I’ve tried to write a few screenplays myself.  It’s just a hobby.  But, “a salesman’s got to dream”.  Also, certain directors just seem to “get it” when it comes to film – and that will be fun to explore also.

As I come to understand WordPress, I hope to open the forum up for discussion.  I want “Just Movies” to be an “audience participation” site, where you can share your likes and dislikes about the movies you have seen.

Welcome to Just Movies!


  1. Anne says:

    I’m happy to read your blog

  2. justmovies says:

    thanks, anne. i appreciate the feedback!

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