If you like Jennifer Lawrence, be sure to see “Winter’s Bone”.

Jennifer Lawrence, who stars in the “The Hunger Games”, gives a riveting performance as a young girl out to save her family in “Winter’s Bone.” John Hawkes plays her uncle. Both were nominated for an Academy Award for their performances. “Winter’s Bone” was also nominated for “Best Picture” and “Best Writing – Adapted Screenplay”.

Jennifer Lawrence and John Hawkes in Winter's Bone

Jennifer Lawrence and John Hawkes in Winter's Bone

The setting is rural Missouri. You’ll be struck by the poverty and the “hand-to-mouth” existence that we want to believe is no longer a reality in America. The visual images look like they belong in Jacob Riis’ “How the Other Half Lives”, and, not in the modern day United States.

Jennifer Lawrence plays a 17-year old high school student, who through circumstance, must rally her courage (which seems effortless in a stirringly strong performance) to defend her home and her family.

She gets reluctant help from her Uncle Teardrop (played by Academy Award nominee John Hawkes) as Winter’s Bone tells the story of courage and determination.

Picture from the movie Winter's Bone

Winter's Bone is a great movie.

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