In what movie did a young Dennis Quaid reflect on his character’s position in life, “To them it’s a dirty word. To me, it’s just something else I never got a chance to be”?

Dennis Quaid in 1979

Dennis Quaid in 1979, who also says in the movie, he’ll be “twenty year old Mike, thirty year old Mike, mean old man Mike.”


Another great quote from the same movie, “Everybody cheats. I just didn’t know it.” The quote is spoken by Dennis Christopher’s character.

“Breaking Away” won the Academy Award for Best Screenplay; and, was nominated for Best Picture. Both the award and the nomination are rare for a comedy, as the Academy tends to prefer sweeping dramas.

Another comedy to achieve success at the Academy Awards: Juno, which also won Best Screenplay and was nominated for Best Picture in 2008.




  1. justmovies says:

    “Breaking Away” is one of the few comedies to ever garner a nomination for Best Picture. The Academy typically prefers dramas. True to form, the Best Picture winner in 1980 was “Kramer vs. Kramer”.

    “Breaking Away” did win the 1980 Oscar for Best Screenplay. To do so, the comedy had to step over notable nominees “The China Syndrome” and Woody Allen’s “Manhattan”.

  2. justmovies says:

    Whenever you beat out a Woody Allen screenplay for Best Screenplay, you’ve done something pretty spectacular. “Breaking Away” did just that when its screenplay beat out Woody Allen’s “Manhattan” screenplay.

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