The movie: Pulp Fiction

The writer: Quentin Tarantino

The actor: Samuel Jackson

movie poster for Pulp Fiction

The situation: When Samuel Jackson’s character and John Travolta’s character show up at an apartment to collect some money, Brad (or Brett) answers a trivia question correctly.

That much we all agree upon.

Then, it gets confusing.

Do a google search on “Look at the big brain on Brad”, and, the top responses are split evenly. About half of the links claim the line is “Look at the Big Brain on Brad”. The other half claim the line is “Check out the big brain on Brad.”

Educated as a CPA, I have a tendency towards attention to detail.

So, which was it? Do we “check out” or “look at” the big brain on Brad? (by the way, the occasional link has the name as “Brett”, not Brad).

Next stop: Youtube.

Let’s get to the bottom of this.

The winner:

Check out the big brain on Brad.

We are all now free to continue our lives… except, of course, Brad.


  1. justmovies says:

    Interestingly, the guy’s name is Brett. Indeed, Samuel Jackson’s character calls him “Brett” several times during the course of events.

    It is only in the line, “Check out the big brain on Brad” that he calls him “Brad”. If you watch the YouTube video, you will hear that, in my opinion, there is little doubt that he says “Brad”, not “Brett.”

    You have to assume that the change of name calling was intentional, both by the screenwriter, and, the character (I suppose just to harass the character “Brett”).

  2. Elifaza says:

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