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The movie: Pulp Fiction

The writer: Quentin Tarantino

The actor: Samuel Jackson

movie poster for Pulp Fiction

The situation: When Samuel Jackson’s character and John Travolta’s character show up at an apartment to collect some money, Brad (or Brett) answers a trivia question correctly.

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Now what?

Besides movies, another hobby of mine is politics.

I just logged on to RealClearPolitics, and, looked at the Electoral College Map for 2012. They even have a map you can fill in yourself.

So, I did.

Amazingly, when I was done (this one for Romney, that one for Obama…), the final tally was:

2012 Electoral College according to my expert prediction:

Romney 269
Obama 269

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“Primary Colors” is a veiled look at Bill Clinton’s 1992 pursuit of the Democratic nomination for President. At least, that’s what the press says.

So, the next question becomes, “Is all that really true?”

Movie Poster for Primary Colors

Movie Poster for Primary Colors

I’ll leave that to speculation. But, if the movie is accurate, there are two things we come to know about Bill Clinton:

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